Miss Geometria New York 2018 Calendar was designed in the style of Pop Art and associated with the most famous places of New York City.

Pop Art was the art of popular culture. It was the visual art movement that characterised a sense of optimism during the post war consumer boom of the 1950's and 1960's. It coincided with the globalization of pop music and youth culture, personified by Elvis and the Beatles. Pop Art was brash, young and fun and hostile to the artistic establishment. It included different styles of painting and sculpture from various countries, but what they all had in common was an interest in mass-media, mass-production and mass-culture. (с) artyfactory.com

12 participants of the final round of a beauty contest Miss Geometria New York 2017 were automatically chosen to be a part of the calendar models.

January / Model: Maryna Gunko
Sponsored by: U-Mode Beauty Salon

Meatpacking District

Cobblestones and brick houses here, in the Meatpacking District, come alive at night like the ghosts. And a crowd of well-dressed locals, mixed with the curious tourists, drink in multiple bars and hanging out until dawn. Short skirts, heavy perfumes, long lines near any place with the food and drinks, huge bouncers at the entrance to the clubs, unlimited alcohol - distinctive features of this area. At the daytime, Meatpacking District is good to spend money in the prestigious boutiques, art galleries, and excellent restaurants.

February / Model: Natalia Eremenko
Sponsored by: Jardin Deluxe Fleurs

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is incredibly convenient, perhaps because it is such a brisk area. Everyone love it - either local students of the art schools, or "white collars", or curious tourists from all over the world. Despite its popularity, the region manages to maintain a cozy and measured atmosphere. The vendors of the local shops know the neighbors by their names, and the locals greet each other while walking a dog. There is a bunch of authentic places where the students from the places such as New York University, can study and hang out after the lectures. The area is aimed at the students and local shops are adapted to this simple but, at the same time, legible public.

March / Model: Ana Danova
Sponsored by: Infinite Auto Leasing

Upper East Side

Upper East Side is the most expensive and fashionable district of Manhattan. It is usually associated with luxury and fabulous wealth, important business owners in the city and the overseas, perfectly-looking housewives. There is the most expensive real estate, the best restaurants, the richness boutiques - all just the most and the best people can get for the money. After old times when celebrities such as John Lennon used to owe apartments here, now here is a new wave of “fresh money” rule the district. Trump International Hotel and Tower, Time Warner Center, CNN studio, MoMa Museum - the world-known buildings are considered in the Upper East Side area.

April / Model: Khrystyna Betryshyn
Sponsored by: La Vue Restaurant


Relaxed is the key word for this area. The entire district lives by this principle, and that is how everyone starts to behave once comes here. The girls stroll through the streets wearing long chiffon dresses along with the faux leather jackets and ribbons in their hair. The guys are hanging out in the local bars, they feel relaxed in faded jeans, cowboy boots, long beard and look like adult teenagers. There are always street musicians, flea markets, countless amount of crowded cafes, where is always twilight despite the time of the day. Ride the bike, eat in several different places, drink in the loft at night, - that is a day plan for a place like Williamsburg. People here look fantastic while drinking the cheapest beer. It is a heaven for those who loves good food, the variety of the drinks and authentic live music. Graffiti on the every second wall underline the trendiness of the district.

May / Model: Katya Fateeva
Sponsored by: Starkli Fit Water


Broadway is the foundation of the American theater and musical culture. Even though it is a huge district in the heart of Manhattan, the name “Broadway” became a household word the long time ago. Any performance or show considered successful only if it was shown on one of the Broadways stages. Those are able to receive the Tony award, which is the annual award for the achievements of American theater. There are so many feelings about this area: someone finds it as the main district in the city, others think that it is just a well-lit tourist trap. But there are no doubts about one thing - Broadway is a place where gathered the most energy from the people who are running to musicals, famous Broadway shows, and the most well-known TV studios. That is the “Big City Lights” in action.

June / Model: Miranda Didberi
Sponsored by: Forum Daily New York

Coney Island

Located in Brooklyn, Coney Island is one of the most famous summer places in New York. And not only because of the long beach on the ocean shore and huge amusement park with a hundred-year history. There are also located the legendary attractions, such as the boardwalk, seen in a bunch of movies, Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, well-known New York Aquarium. All these legendary places attract thousands of visitors every summer.

July / Model: Veronika Dudka
Sponsored by: Bloom Room


Dumbo is elegant and daring in a Brooklynese style. It is a trendy area with rich history. Spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, an impressive panorama of Manhattan, old warehouse buildings, transformed into fashionable apartments, lofts vintage, paved roadway - everything is gorgeous and authentic here. And there are more: modern shops, awesome bars, and cozy green lawn right on the water. The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is open for public with a streamlined assortment of classic, all-natural flavors, a spectacular location in a twenties fireboat house on the Brooklyn waterfront, where, unbeknownst to many, the pastry chef concocts all the factory's toppings and syrups. it is the most delicious ice cream in the whole of New York City, and absolutely must-visit place.

August / Model: Alina Alinkina
Sponsored by: Showtime Car Service

Far Rockaway

Rockaway Beach line is filled with the cultural event spaces, restaurants, and bars devoted to promote the love of surfing conserving the environment and supporting its local neighborhood. Being the closest surfing beach to New York City, the crowds are more challenging here than the waves. Average beach breaks that need a sizable swell to make it in here with big E swells bringing some decent lefts. The area is always crowded with surfers who are as aggressive as Yellow Cab drivers. Parking spots can be found a few blocks back from the beach, where rip-offs are common.

September / Model: Liubava Cherevko
Sponsored by: Ev Bessar

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen explodes from the excess of energy and devilish charisma. But no worries, lately suspicious locals are moving out from the district and it is filling with the decent people. The bad reputation of the area as a dangerous place is receding into the past. The district is like a ghost - you are a little scary being there, but curious to find out more. The history of Hell’s Kitchen is dark and the sense of mystery still feels everywhere.

October / Model: Lilia Valerieva
Sponsored by: Geotickets

Times Square

When people say that New York City never sleeps - most likely they are talking about Times Square. This district is bubbling with the non-stop energy. It is full of the lights and random people at any hour of the either day or night. It seems like every single thing is moving there: heavy traffic, tourist crowds, scrolling advertising screens… The hustle and bustle of the Times Square just do not stop. This district is undoubtedly a symbol of boiling and spurting key life in New York, with its Broadway theaters, neon signs literally everywhere and crowds of running people. Here are located the most well-known shops, restaurants, and cinemas, as well as the offices of the largest companies in the world. It is one of the main attractions of New York and the most visited attraction in the world. Every year about 40 million tourists visit the Square.

November / Model: Olya Ivashkina
Sponsored by: Geometria New York

Central Park

When people say “Autumn in New York”, they usually have in mind the magnificent views of Central Park. It is just indescribably beautiful in the fall. Everyone should at least once feel the atmosphere of Central Park while it is covered with bright yellow and dark red leaves. The fall season is all about the taste of the wine in a quiet side street alley, the sound of music, short warm rain and immersion in the favorite book in one of the coziest cafes near the Park. Autumn is a time when the probability that you will fall in love is quite high, and it's all because you're finally ready for it. They say that the fall is that time when we reap the fruits of our efforts.

December / Model: Valerie Shu
Sponsored by: Pastries By Lucy


Chelsea is a first-class place in every sense. There is a mix of everything “the best”: modern art, trendy restaurants, gay bars and elegant architecture along with modern buildings, night parties. Therefore thus, life in this district looks pretty awesome and it boils. Either on own foot or riding an old-school bicycle, the residents of Chelsea are always certainly stylish. The atmosphere of the broad residential streets of this area is usually measured and calm. The art galleries of Chelsea are famous and well-known all over the world, they present as classical art and experimental work.

Official presentation of the calendar was taken during the final round of a beauty contest Miss Geometria New York 2017 which was held on March 10th at La Vue Restaurant.

Special thanks to our friends:
Photographer - Anton Martynov
Graphic Design - Ekaterina Fateeva
Make Up & Hair - U-Mode Salon
Clothes & Accessories - Flying Solo
Stylist - Anna Naumenko

Best Regards,

Denys Kanel and Misha Iogansen
Management of Geometria.tv New York

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Misha Iogansen 
15 March 2017