Going to a Rave or a Club and thinking of what to wear that will make you unique and will help you stand out from the crowd?

The trend for ravers and clubbers is to wear something bright, vibrant, creative and colorful.

In 2016, LED and Light-up Accessories became popular for the whole Clubbing Environment and it was no longer a novelty to see ravers dancing in light-up glasses, hoods, and masks, LED-flash bracelets, gloves, and fluffies and so on.

But about a week ago, we met one of New York’s Innovators who created the Revolutionary LED Accessory that will change the whole Rave Fashion Industry.

Interactive Technology & Elegant Design are merged together in a new innovative way.
Lilu Smart Bag is the Ultra-Stylish Accessory that connects to your Smartphone and Responds to the Beats & Sounds of the music.

With LiLu, you will definitely attract tons of attention and positive compliments while at the rave, festival or club.

It has 10 hours of battery life so you can party all night until the sun comes up.

And you can Animate your LiLu Bag anytime you want and manage sensitivity of the LED Panel via Application.

The LiLu Smart Bag was especially designed with Bold, Independent and Active Girls in mind to help them freely express themselves and highlight their uniqueness.

LiLu makes you look truly exceptional and stunningly bright in the dark.

Also LiLu is a Perfect Addition to your Everyday Style even in the Big City.

The Story: How the idea of LiLu was Born

**The Story: How the idea of LiLu was Born.**
**The Story: How the idea of LiLu was Born.**

The most important question that plagued me for a long time was:
How to merge fashion and technology, especially for the Clubbing Environment?

Back in 2013, I had been in Miami at the Ultra Music Festival and I realized that it was a perfect place to find an idea.

The girls were dressed in colorful costumes, but the costumes all looked as if they were from the 1990’s. Interactive Technology in clothing was poorly formed or non-existent.

Inside of me burned the idea of why these two worlds were still not fully merged: Festival Fashion & Interactive Technology.

"It would be an explosive cocktail," I thought then, and just kept watching the Rave Community.

The Idea of the Smart Bag that connects to a smartphone and specially designed for the Rave Community hit me.
Responsive to the music beats, my bag would enable a girl to stand out from the crowd.

My bag connected the idea of both Technology and Fashion together in a new and innovative way - a Smart Bag.

All the elements of the smart bag idea were in place and the name “LiLu” came naturally as the 5th element, a metaphysical idea with a physical representation.

But looking back, I now realize that at that moment there was a big gap between the origin of the idea and its “Material Realization”.

I faced many different challenges before I got to this point where now I can talk to you in this letter.

I was really passionate to combine new technology with elegant design and create a Revolutionary Accessory that would be affordable for everyone.

LiLu Smart Bag is the perfect LED Accessory to have at the festival or Club.

P.S. You have to get it to experience it. Try it once and you might never want to take it off.

Find out more about LiLu New York here.

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21 July 2016